Sunday, January 28, 2007

Donna made Ted, a man, nod.

You know how you sometimes get that feeling you really should have started listening to [insert cool new band name] like 5 years ago, and what the hell took you so long to find out about them?

Right now, it's Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

I picked up their 2004 album, Shake The Sheets, on iTunes a couple months ago. Props to my friend Carly for the suggestion. It's a solid piece of post-punk catchiness, complete with thick candy shell. Very re-listenable. It's also quite political, as you might have noticed if you followed the link to Ted's website.

I also found this podcast (iTunes link) to be very cool. It's by a radio station called KEXP in Seattle, and has a bunch of recent live shows with bands that I think are cool. If you don't have iTunes, check out their website.

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